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Top 15 Apple Firewall Apps for MacOS X

One of the main facts regarding the computer security about the Apple Mac is the computer will never be infected with any of the malware. Because of this fact, the most of the Apple Mac OS X users does not have any of the antivirus installed, let alone any of the firewall, it will becomes the favourite target of the hacker. Mac Firewall is good for spyware stopping, stop Trojan from sending the information of the credit card and monitoring the key logger installed.


So here, we are moving on to the discussion about the Apple Firewall Apps for MAC OS X.


1. One periodic Hands Off


If you need to keep and secure the computer, you can use the App Hands Off. It will silently monitors all of the operations that are performed by the applications which running in the background of the computer. Hand off notification will appears when any of the application will try to perform an operation based on the any of the rule defined. The notification includes all of the essential information about the operation that allows you to create an informed decision. Furthermore, till answer the notification, the operation will be safely blocked and the app Hands off keeps you as protected. The hands off apps do the following:

  • Avoid application from phoning home
  • Blocks incoming network connections
  • Block outgoing network connections
  • Block multiple sub domains
  • Supports IPv4, IPv6 and local networks
  • Protects from worms, Trojans and network parasites
  • Blocks domain name resolving

2. Little Snitch


Little Snitch is one of another application found in the MAC OS X. As you know, firewall is for incoming connections. The little snitch is not only disclose any of the outgoing network connections, and make an attempt to ensure that the sensitive data doesn’t leave the computer without any consent. The inbound firewall of little snitch gives you with the similar level of control for the incoming network connections.

3. Murus Lite App


The app Murus Lite is the beginning level of the frond end of firewall. Everyone can download this app and can use it as free. The logging and inbound filtering and can be used to save services which are running on the Mac are the features of the Murus Lite. In spite of being free, the Murus Lite is not a demo or tryout. It is one of the fully featured application and is the best starting point of the novice user.

  • Inbound filtering
  • Inbound logging
  • Expanded PF Configuration
  • Ports Management

4. Radio Silence – Firewall and Network Monitor for Mac


Radio Silence is a small firewall, which lets you block any of the application while accessing the internet. It is designed for the people, they are not interested to configure the traditional firewalls. The app Radio Silence supports Mavericks, OS X Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Snow Leopard. It takes only a few seconds to install.

  • 100% Annoyance free:- It respects the concentration. So it will never ever interrupt you with the alerts or pop-up windows.
  • Zero Maintenance:- If the firewall is installed, no need to remember all things. It is always in on condition and no need of attention from you.
  • Fast and Tiny:-it weigh as next to nothing. It will not waste any resources or time and also makes it very fast.
  • Usable for anyone:- It can be used for anyone even though if you are not a network expert to use the firewall. It will take care about the technical information for you.

5. Command Line Firewall Management

The tools which are automate OS X firewall events from any of the command line are yet saved in /user/libexec/ApplicationFirewall. For more of the heavy lifting, you can still utilize the socketfilterfw. Though, there are much more functional and helpful options in socketfilterfw that will allow you to more simply script the firewall.

6. Vallum- MacOS Application Firewall

Vallum is a little tool that will helps you by monitoring the application connections. It is capable to intercept the connections of the apps and hold them when you decide to whether to block or pass them. Vallum is an interface and is simple and completely based on icons. The default configuration is not invasive, it does not need any specific networking knowledge or interaction or any skills. Just drag the icon of the app from the finder to the main window of Vallum to block it. For changing the interaction level and Vallum attitude, you have to just play with the available very few options. It is not intrusive, it runs like a menulet is MAC OS bar, near to the clock. It respects your privacy, it doesn’t connect the home to verifying the license, and also it doesn’t have any activation.

7. TCP Block

It is a fast application and light weight firewall for OS X 10.5 or later designed. The OS X firewall will save you from the connections which comes from outside of your computer. However, what about the software which is from the computer which opens new connections to the internet? With this, you can avoid the selected applications of your computer from the opening connections to the computer network.

8. NoobProof – Firewall Configuration Tool for Mac OS X

It is a list of services. Each of the service can be blocked or allowed. So you can also selectively block or allow specified subnets or hosts. You can remove or add the services from the list, and can create new services too. It is very easy and need to follow only 5 steps about how to in the app help. You can also tune the bandwidth, create self configuration tools injectors and manage black lists. The initial time, you can launch NoobProof of the wizard will assist you to configure the MAC OS X firewall.

9. Doorstop X Firewall


Firewalls are not all something in which Mac users normally have to worry themselves with but as Macs will grow in status. It will protects the Mac from the attacks from outside Critical improvements to OS X’s built in firewall. The firewall advisor and book the security of the internet for the Macintosh as the part of the Doorstop X security suite.

10. NetMine – Network Firewall for Mac

It is worked out to control all of the network and internet activity. This kind of firewall software monitors outgoing and incoming internet and network traffic and providing safety against the unwanted accesss to and from the computer providing the powerful security against the worms, malicious viruses, root kits and bots.

11. NetBarrier X8

The Netbarrier security offers number of tools to save the Mac from Criminals and vandals. The centrepiece of it is Net Barrier firewall, but the package of the Netbarrier block the cookies when the surf the web, block Trojan horses and scrub the personal data.

12. WaterRoof

It is an ipfw firewall management frontend with NAT setup, dynamic rules tracking, port redirection, predefined rule sets, logs, live connection blocks, statistics, graphic report, wizard and other features. It is a free and open source.

13. IceFloor

The new version of the IceFloor is developed by the It is the PF firewall frontend for the OS X. IceFloor 2 is group like the previous serverAdmin tool of the firewall. It controls bandwidth, filtering, logs, custom PF configuration, and connections. It creates groups and allocates addresses, parameters, and services to block or pass the connections. Begin with IceFloor wizard is to create the basic PF configuration in a few mouse clicks.

14. Firewall Builder

It consists of a set of policy compilers and a GUI for different firewall platforms. It helps the users to maintain a database of objects and allocates policy editing using easy drag and drop operations. The policy compilers and GUI are completely independent, and which gives for a reliable abstract model and the similar GUI for various firewall platforms.

15. Flying Buttress

The Mac’s Intel core, UNIX underpinnings and high speed have provoked many PC folks to alter over to the flagship product of Apple. Before we jump in to the Flying buttress, let us find the firewall to direct the help.

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8 Cool Youtube Tools to Boost Your Creativity

Admit it, you spend well over the healthy amount of time on YouTube. We all do. With so much content, from amateur videos to professional films, being uploaded every day, it is an irresistible distraction and a bit of a productivity hazard… as well as a huge creativity booster!

Youtube is a fantastic platform with a lot to offer. These eight cool YouTube tools will help you get the most of it while being more inspired and productive.

1. Get Inspired with Playtube (Google Chrome)


Create a music or music video playlist with this crazy simple tool: queue up songs while you browse YouTube and then play them from the extension button without actually having to watch the videos. You can save playlists and easily control playback.

Listen Video for Google Chrome is another similar extension that lets you listen to Youtube videos without interrupting your work flow. Here are more tools and tips to play with Youtube playlists.

2. Download Free Content to Use: GenYoutube

Want to download the actual video? No problem! This is the premier YouTube video downloader that is both simple to use, and reliable. It has both a basic and pro version (I only tried the free one)

Tip: Did you know you can search Youtube for Creative Commons videos? I usually do that to find something awesome to use in my mash-ups (That’s where I use Youtube downloader!) Don’t forget to always credit the original videos and authors!

4. Eliminate Distractions: Turn Off The Lights (Google Chrome)

Extension Turn Off the Lights

Do you like to watch things in a smaller window, but with there wasn’t so much distracting light? Then dim your screen using this plugin. It fades out everything but the video, so you can get the movie theater experience from your computer. Being someone who likes running other programs on the side that I monitor (such as video editing software I need to see complete), this is an awesome tool.

5. Create Animated Gifs: Giphy


Ever wonder how people make those great GIF images they share on Reddit and other sites? This is probably how they do it. Giphy is a really easy to use GIF creation extension for Chrome. You just select the portion you want to turn into the GIF, save it, and go. Each GIF can be up to 15 seconds long. If you have been on Tumblr and seen the long line of short GIFs that make up a story? This is definitely what they are using to create them.

Tip: Here are more tools to create and market animated GIFs:

  1. Visual Content Marketing: How to Find Cool Cinemagraphs
  2. GIFs Are the New Black… Are You in the Game???
  3. 13 Tools to Create AWESOME Visual Content to Enhance Your Marketing (While Saving Time)

6. Save Time: SmartVideo


A slow buffer option (now that YouTube no longer has one), auto loop and more, this is an enhancement tool for YouTube that bypasses a lot of the updates that have made the platform less than intuitive in recent years. Available for Chrome.

7. Monitor Trends: YouTube Trends

Viewed Video in YouTube History

What is trending right now on YouTube? What has been trending in the past year? What is slowly climbing the ladder of popularity, and how might that impact your own videos? All of these are important questions, and all of them can be answered using the official trending page provided by YouTube.

You can view by category, what is popular on the web, and recent entries. See what is becoming well know right now on their featured videos list on the front page. This is the perfect way of finding out what has been going on lately on the most popular video site on the web.

8. Set a Youtube Alarm Clock: AlarmTube


I am actually using this alarm clock not to forget to watch a video during my lunch time. If I come across a long video in the morning, I just drop it here to make sure my workflow will be interrupted with this video playing right when it’s time to take a break:

Do you have any tools for making YouTube even better? Maybe some hacks for the site itself? We’d love to hear about them, so let us know in the comments!

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Facebook Video: Views of Sponsored Video Content Jump 258% Since 2016Tubular’s recent ‘State of Online Video Report' has revealed some important observations into the role sponsored content has played in today’s online video landscape. In short: sponsored content is doing exceedingly well for many brands who’ve tried it, and this trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

15 New iPhone 8 Smart Features That’ll Make You Say Wow

After the release of the iPhone 7 Plus, people were shocked by the missing headphone jack. With the release of the iPhone 8 imminent, some are wondering what they can expect from this newest version of the phone. If you’re interested in what Apple may be brewing up, read on for 15 features and secrets you can expect from the new iPhone release.



1. New Phone, New Name


Instead of continuing with the numbered names, Apple is taking a page out of Android brand books and choosing something a little different. The newest iPhone will be named the iPhone X instead. While some think this is merely a pre-launch nickname, it may turn out to be the actual name of the phone.

2. A Way Bigger Screen


One of the most unique features of the new iPhone is the enlarged screen. Leaked images confirm that it will reach almost to the edges of the front body. With just enough space for the camera and mic, the new screen style gets rid of the iconic home button that has graced the front of the iPhone for years.

The company has made some concessions on previous model sizes — a longer phone debuting every year:

  • iPhone SE – 4 inch display
  • iPhone 6s – 4.7 inch display
  • iPhone 6s Plus – 5.5 inch display

The iPhone 7 and 7 plus maintained the screen size of 5.5 inches, but it looks like this new model will increase the size of the screen by at least an inch, even if it doesn’t increase the size of the phone.

3. Cameras and Alignment


Even though there’s now less space on the front for the camera, reports are saying that there will in fact be multiple front facing camera nodules. There is no word on how this will affect the camera’s features, but it wouldn’t be too much to hope for a Professional Mode, as well as enhanced video speed, panorama mode, better AR functions, and slow motion photography.

There are also reports of a new dual rear camera in vertical alignment.

4. Even Thinner


The iPhone has built much of it’s following being the thinnest and lightest phone out there. The thinnest iPhone so far has been the iPhone 6 at 6.9 mm, but there are new reports for the iPhone X thinning out even more due to a thinner (or nonexistent) front bezel on the Y-axis.

5. Touch ID


While there are been test units with a Touch ID under the glass, they have not been performing well and nobody is sure whether or not it will make the final cut. Many people are holding out for the Touch ID feature because it does more than unlock your Home Screen — it can also make purchases in the iTunes store!

6. No Rear Fingerprint Scanner


There were early reports that indicated Apple may include a rear fingerprint scanner on this new model, but it seems they have dispensed with the idea. With the changes in screen size and home button location, a rear finger scanner may not have been a bad idea.

7. No More RAM


Many people were pulling for the new iPhone to have more RAM, but it seems the new release will have the same amount as the iPhone 7 Plus. Apple RAM for the new iPhone will remain at 3GB for the time being.

8. No USB-C


Some Smartphone manufacturers, like Motorola, have chosen to switch over to the USB-C. Apple has always been an outlier with their chargers, ensuring no other accessories fit with their phones unless they’re purchased from Apple. This trend will continue with the Lightning port in the iPhone X.

9. Wireless Charging


Wireless charging has been available on many Android models for years, and here, Apple is finally catching up to the demand. For their new phone, you’ll be able to charge wirelessly via a rear panel on the back of the phone. You’ll still have to purchase an Apple brand charger though, as the wireless charging isn’t likely to be compatible with what’s already on the market.

10. AuthenTech


When Apple bought AuthenTech in July for $356 Million, people took it as a sign that Apple’s phone security and identity verification features would soon be very advanced. While AuthenTech specializes in fingerprint scanning technology, the recent negative reports of Touch ID may kill this partnership before it even starts.

11. Facial Detection


Just in case the fingerprint scanner doesn’t pan out, Apple already seems to have a backup in the works. There are rumors suggesting that the newest version of the iPhone will have infrared-based facial recognition. You’ll be able to unlock your phone without using a scanner or a passcode. There are references to a facial recognition feature (nicknamed Pearl ID) in the HomePod firmware, which bodes well for those who are ready to unlock a phone with their face.

12. Retina Scanner


While it may seem like something out of a spy movie, it sounds like there is also a retina scanner on the table for the new iPhone. With so many authentication features in the scope of work it seems like Apple has tons of built in redundancies for unlocking their new model phone.

13. New Unibody Material


Many people like a metal body for their phone, as it looks and feels sleeker, and can disperse heat better in some cases. iPhones used to have an aluminum unibody, but it sounds like overheating and obvious scratches on the body are a turnoff for the manufacturer. The new body will be made of composite glass, which won’t be as fragile as most people think, and it’s highly scalable — allowing Apple to reduce the cost of manufacturing.

14. Virtual Home Button


Since the rumors about a larger screen are turning out to be true, the infamous Apple Home Button will need a new place to rest. Two of the most popular theories have the Home Button as a virtual spot on the screen (like you’ll find in the Motorola Droids) or on the right side of the phone (like in the Samsung Galaxys). It may even have both!

15. Water Resistance


Don’t confuse water resistant with waterproof. Water resistant refers to how deep under water you can place a gadget before the water pressure destroys it. There are a few international standards that determine a phone’s water resistance, including IP67 and IP68. While there is word that the new iPhone will be water resistant, there is no information on how high their rating is.

Final Thoughts

All these promised features mean a lot of excitement for consumers, and tons of anticipation for the release. Unfortunately, production is reportedly delayed and you’ll have to wait a little longer before you can get your hands on the latest Apple phone.

Guest Author: Gary

Gary is a coder and freelance writer who also runs his own blog and website called GarysHood. He likes to publish technology oriented guest posts on a number of digital platforms. In his free time he creates programs, like his popular auto clicker and auto typer download.